To all the stellar beings who dare to take the uncertain journey of self-discovery, we welcome you to The Reminiscence, aka. our new monthly newsletter!

As you look up to the stars and realign your existence with this new dawn of discovery, we still haven’t fully absorbed all the love you shared with us since the launch of Sefirot in May. It was the most delicious nourishment for our fledgling project, so much needed in this tiresome year. The whole Sefirot team would like to extend their gratitude for that.

“If coming events are said to cast their shadows before, past events cannot fall to leave their impress behind them.”

– Helena Blavatsky

The Magician would like to think that the glimpses into the forthcoming that we had granted you so far, helped ward off some of the dreadful events we collectively experienced this year. Even if only in the most petite way imaginable.

But it is The Fool who dominated this slice of our age and therefore it is their prerogative to announce our path forward. But will their small diversion grant us enlightenment?

The Fool has spoken. The cards facilitating our common destiny have yet to be revealed and so do the visions accompanying them. Fret not however, for our path is still a path rich in revelry and delight. Most importantly however, the fog is slowly fading, revealing The World beneath us. In short: We cannot yet say what fate the future holds for each of us. But we can tell you when it will reveal itself:

When winter starts to release its icy grip in the Northern hemisphere, we shall cast the bones of destiny.

In the meantime, we implore you to be our messengers. Go out and share Sefirot with those around you and the world.

With love and compassion,

The Sefirot Team