Welcome back, dear stellar beings,

for another issue of The Reminiscence has reached you! According to whispers, the fall spirits have finally awoken from their slumber. Not that we would notice, being gathered around the hearth day in, day out, working on… oh, silly me! Almost spoiling the whole procession.

“The discs which haunt the skies of Earth indicate that the unconscious cannot be kept waiting forever. These things are going to have to be dealt with.” – Terence McKenna

As announced during our last meeting, we are currently preparing the Sefirot Kickstarter. An undertaking about as scary as it is exciting. There is still so much planning and work ahead of us, but I would be lying if I’d say that it isn’t super fun!

If you follow us on one of our social media channels, you are probably already aware that we designed the cards’ backside. And just a week ago, we also released the design for the Knight. We are really happy with how they turned out and the reaction we received seems to indicate that you are too! Thank you so much for all the love and shares!

But Sefirot is much more than just a gorgeous deck of Tarot cards. We are also busy crafting and testing new recipes for divination. Our standard recipe for playful divination, a unique spin on the Solitaire formula, is already in a very advanced state. Building on this well-developed stock, we have been experimenting with two new and promising forms, based around reestablishing connections that fractured and establishing entirely new ones.

With the double divination setup, we allow you to uncover the fate that binds you to your fellow diviner. It is a cooperative interpretation of the single divination ruleset and is already showing a lot of potential.

Introducing new people to the enchanting powers of Tarot can be a fairly exhausting endeavor at times. Especially when it comes to those more skeptic in nature. This is where our final vision comes into play. A two player competitive game about gathering fortunes and defending them. It’s already remarkably fun, very easy to get into, while striking a good balance between strategic savvy and divine luck.

To finish off this issue of The Reminiscence, let me grant you one final glimpse into the future past. While crafting the double divinations, we quickly realized that we would need a new stage to make it all work. Be prepared for the reveal of a new, second game board in the fall. And of course more card illustrations are yet waiting to be revealed!

I hope what were able to share this month resonated with you. Are you excited for the competitive mode? Do you already have a partner in mind for double divination? Let us know!

So, everyone, enjoy the fall and in the spirit of this update: stay connected to each other!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot