Welcome, my lovely stellar beings!

This issue of The Reminiscence will be all about new acquaintances, the special magic behind our Minor Arcana and insights into the process behind the creation of the Game Board. I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s start off with welcoming our newest members to the circle! We recently began more actively promoting this newsletter and the response was great. It’s a pleasure to have you here and I’m looking forward to what you all have to contribute to our project! New subscribers already saw it in the welcome mail, but if you missed it or have been following us since the project’s inception, we now also have a newsletter archive you can find here: https://sefirot.games/sefirot-the-archive

Above you can see our latest card reveal, the Nine of Pentacles. We went with a more reduced look for the pip cards, while still keeping the overall aesthetic intact. I know that this is a somewhat controversial decision, since many people like to read cards based on their visual representation and the reduced look makes it harder to do so. But given that Sefirot is first and foremost supposed to be played, it felt only natural and sensible to us to go with a setup inspired by the original Tarot decks. This is of course all a process and you can be safe in the knowledge that we take great care in conjuring an enjoyable experience for everyone!

If you want to see a design breakdown on three of our cards, the picture below links to a Twitter post where you can look at them in more detail.

“Process” is also a good transition for our final topic in this issue, the game board. At the moment we are testing about a dozen different setups for the two player games. It’s really exciting to see how even small changes can completely change how we interact with the board and each other. For example, we recently tried a diagonal play area, which automatically led to a different sitting arrangement for the players. As a designer, I could do an endless amount of experiments (no worries, they will end soon) and I look forward to sharing more details on that with you in the future.
But until then: Stay safe and connected with each other!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot