Stellar beings!

It’s that time of the year, when things get always hectic, so let’s not muck about and get down to business:

  • Weather: cold
  • Pledge Manager: closing
  • Production: ongoing
  • Blades: drawn

Yes, fabulous persons, for the last time, we are sounding the trumpet on the last order topic. The implications are grave: get this edition of Sefirot now or get it never. Gilden edges, gold foil, extra cards, free content galore, who could possibly resist? Get it here: [Link]

Now, what are these mysterious blades? They are, a riddle not too tricky, the suit of swords. We have assembled an array of splendid swords, cutlasses, rapiers, epees and foils for this undertaking, plus a dashing page that also wields one. This suit stands for the intellect, the voyaging mind, the sharpness of the thought. It is a journey that can move us into the world, but also into ourselves, to crystal clear halls of logic. It is a path that requires removal and elimination of obstacles, a via negativa. In the center of it all, nothingness awaits. The good stuff.

More things were drawn, such as a fiery chariot and soon we’ll get to see all sorts of new cards. Stay tuned for our more regular updates on social media.

Now, let us talk about presents! Physical ones!! Farewell presents!!! To celebrate this miraculous year, we are throwing another raffle and the prize is … *checks notes* oh goodness, really? Who authorized THAT?! A full blown hand painted statue of the Empress, standing at a whopping 20cm, made by the talented Bakanoë in a limited edition for our sold out King of Pentacles pledges! Folks, I can’t quite believe it myself, but we seem to be giving it away. This is open to everyone that can click a button on Twitter, so hurry, retweet and you can win this absolutely priceless treasure!  The winner will be announced next week on Wednesday!

There will be more goodness on our social media platforms, since our wondrous Card Master will be live on our Instagram, diving deep into our latest creations, like the Temperance, Strength and the Chariot cards. So tune in on Monday at 05:00 PM CET for the nuggets of knowledge, wisdom, and surprise!

And now, for the very last time, and I know, we’ve been through this before, and you might be annoyed alright, maybe I’m annoyed as well, who knows, but here goes nothing, so I’ll just say it: Last chance to get the first edition of Sefirot!

Until then, stay safe, hydrated, connected, and warm (or cold),

The Sefirot Team