Stellar beings!

Ohthe joy of the cold season, very much anticipated and now upon us in all of its (still grey, hopefully to be white soon) glory. I know, very much repeating myself and perfectly aware that those of you in Hanoi, Guadalajara and Sydney are experiencing a somewhat different climate.

The machine we have become is fully operational now, producing a never ending stream of images (for cards), text (for illustrated short stories) and all the other components that are required to bring our goods to their final destination.

Some of you have seen our recent publications, the Strength card to be precise. There’s a lesson for these still trying times that we can gain from studying Strength. Of course, the figure on the card is physically strong, definitely capable of doing awesome deadlifts, but this is just the outer form. It is within ourselves, where Strength is needed as well. When the fates tear on our lives, bring turmoil and unleash their forces on us, Strength gives us the power to resist, to not get carried away by said forces and keep our inside calm, steady and resilient. If we can allow ourselves to not become the beast, to stay kind and attentive while facing challenges, we have achieved real strength.

There is another thing that we will now finally work again, our beloved rules. Over the last months, we had little time for that but accumulated a backlog of suggestions and possible iterations that we will now test more thoroughly. There are some variations in card management that look promising and allow for more strategic angles. For those of you who want to give the reins to higher forces, there can be variations that go into the opposite directions. We’ve already seen a few of you taking our barebone rules and sharing some images, which is pretty awesome. Keep those coming and give us your feedback and opinion. We will share some of our process in that regard … *looks at calendar* next Tuesday, that is the 16th of November at 5PM (Central European Time) via Instagram Live!

A perfect occasion to show some new loot as well. We have acquired samples for various goodies, and oh my, those pins sure are shiny. I’m not a pin person myself, but couldn’t help putting it immediately onto my jacket, showing my eternal allegiance to the divine forces of the ouroboros. With this sample being approved we will now issue the command for full production for the remaining 248 kilograms of pins.

Many of you will get those and if I may say so: good choice, for this might well be your only option to ever lay hands on such an item. With the year coming to an end, our pre-orders will also close so that we can finalize production quantities. There is now a date for this to happen: On the eve of December 15th in the year 2021. When the stars rise above Vienna, we will flip that metaphorical switch.

This is also the last day to finish your orders, after that we’ll only do emergency address changes!  

Now, one more decision that we can take as a collective. We have numerous prints already (Empress, Fool, Hermit & Knight of Wands), but there is a 5th one … Now, who should that be? The candidates are the Star, the King of Pentacles and Temperance. There will be a poll on Twitteryou can of course leave comments here, discuss it on our Discord or write as a lengthy message on any channel you prefer stating your case at length.

Until then, stay warm and stay connected,

Georg, The Card Master