Welcome, my lovely stellar beings!

Let us open once more with some witty remarks concerning the weather. Fall is upon us in our corner of the planet, the rains have come and, let’s be honest, it’s just marvellous. Nothing like the coziness of this particular season, enjoying warm sweaters, hot tea and the peace of mind while working on new cards, illustrated short stories and the extensive global spider web that our production effort has become. We have also wrapped up some cumbersome digital projects that needed to be finished and can now give even more attention to Sefirot.

We have a scrumptious menu ahead of us: there are swords and chariots, lovers and towers, but it shall begin with an allegorical figure and a lion. It is known by many names, Strength and Fortitude being the more prominent ones. At this point we can already guarantee you feline presence and mighty flexing.

Already done and shining with bovine ease and royal leisure is the King of Pentacles. This ruler has mastered the material world and is now ready to move on to a different plane of existence. He doesn’t reside in the palace anymore, but enjoys the wealth of nature instead.

Needless to say that we very much enjoy the work on the cards, but there are other important tasks that also require our attention. The ever growing web of production is now almost fully deployed and we are receiving samples from our partners in all corners of this planet. Some of them have already started producing, for there is no time to lose: before fulfillment starts we have to produce more than 10 metric tons of goods. There is but one puzzle piece missing, the ominous altar cloth. The world of textile production is a chaotic and dizzying place, but we have some good leads already. If you happen to run a factory yourself do not hesitate to get in touch.

Talking about getting in touch, there are some of you that we just couldn’t get a hold of yet and we might have found the issue at hand.

Important! – Apple ID Relay Emails

It’s come to our attention that many of you are unaware you are using Apple ID Relay emails and as a result are not getting our update emails or pledge manager invite. In other words, when using Apple ID, a unique, random email address is created by Apple (depending on your Apple ID configurations), so your personal email address isn’t shared with the website in which the Apple ID is being used. This unique relay address can only be used for communication from the specific website (in this case Kickstarter) you created the account with and can’t be reused for other apps or services.

If you still haven’t received any invitation mails to PledgeManager, and you backed the project using an iCloud email address, or by using an Apple device, please get in touch with us by sending a message to sefirot@causacreations.net!

There is still some time to fix this to get your shipping data in! The pledge manager will stay open until December. However, when the snow starts to fall and the wild hunt chases through the frost nights, the gates will close! This also goes for any post campaign pre-orders for later comers.

Last, but very much not least, we want to announce that we’ll be restarting our live sessions on Instagram! There shall be presentations on art, more playtesting with fresh rule iterations and we might even share some passages from the illustrated short story that is already in the making. Stay tuned for announcements in that matter, they should usually occur on our usual social media platforms and on our discord.

Until then, stay warm and stay connected,

Georg, The Card Master