Stellar beings!

We haven’t heard each from each other for a while! Those of you who hopped on the Kickstarter train are well informed due to recent updates, but we wanted to make a shout-out to the rest.

Now, so many things happened over the last 2.5 months. The campaign ended with quite a finish and we have almost recovered from the galactic levels of stress that we endured over that time. I gotta say: making Kickstarter campaigns is hard. Not too surprising in hindsight, but still surprising how those stress levels affected us. We had the chance to collect our thoughts on that in an hour long online talk, which you can still see here!

We also made a bunch of new cards! That is such a fun process and deeply inspiring! The Page of Wands marked the beginning of this journey. We finished the pip cards of the Wand suit as well. We also worked on several major arcana, you might have seen The World.

In the background, numerous other cards are being prepared, notably Temperance (hard!), The Hierophant (tricky!), Strength (or shall we call it Courage?) and the Ace of Pentacles (a delight!). You’ll see more of that soon on our various social media outlets! Should you want to discuss this with us, please do join our Discord channel, which has grown and got a bit more chatty of late.

Apart from cards, we have also done a lot on the production front. We can’t reveal our hand here yet, but we have managed to secure very promising partners in manufacturing and will be able to provide you with a decent quality from highly respected and established specialists.

And now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of this newsletter, the ominous new beginning:

From today on, those of you who missed out on the campaign will be able to pre-order the game, the cards and a few other selected items! You can do so here:

This is a pre-order, folks. Fulfillment for those pre-orders will start in mid 2022. Pre-orders will stay open until late 2021. If you can endure the waiting, jump on board and join this first edition of Sefirot. We can guarentee you regular visual delights, while we work our way through 50+ cards still to be made until the production starts…

In the meantime,

Stay safe. stay connected!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot