Stellar beings!

We are almost two days away from the end of our Kickstarter campaign and we are now looking at the hefty amount of 15 unlocked stretch goals. Let’s make it 16, shall we, since 4 is indeed my lucky number and what could be better than 4 times 4.

That last one really is still in the cards, for we are not too far away from that. Here’s a short overview or our wonderful journey:

What a trip that was. We are working very, very hard to still visualize some of the unlocked stretch goals and at the same time not neglecting our work on the cards. Some of you might have seen the results already, notably our Sefirot themed altar cloth:

And of course the latest addition to our Major Arcana, The Star:

There is yet another card in the making, but we haven’t revealed its identity yet. If you are opening this email in time, you might even manage to catch our latest art live stream today (April 22, 5PM CET) and see what it might be …

By now, you might have noticed that this newsletter is somehow heavier on the imagery and not that rich with words as usual. Also riddled with typos? Maybe. That is because we are somewhat tired from answering to more than 2000 messages, DMs, comments and replies across 10 different platforms for 20 hours a day. Come the end of this campaign, we might need a little rest. Oh so soon.

Until then, keep us company, drop us a comment or drop by the campaign, if you haven’t managed yet. I can assure you, by now, with all these riches unlocked, it is very much worth it.

Stay safe. stay connected!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot