Stellar beings!

It’s been quite the ride since I last contacted you two weeks ago. We hoped for a modest success in our campaign and what was brought upon us was quite the ride in the first hours. After 17 minutes we had reached our goal, were bombarded with messages on all channels and next time we looked up a few hours later, we were already well into the five figure territory.

Things are a bit more quiet now, we are slowly moving through the mid campaign meadows and are enjoying the slow progress before the late campaign frenzy sets in. For those of you, who haven’t pledged yet, now is a great moment to take a look at the current state of the campaign. So many stretch goals have been unlocked. We have almost run out of things to upgrade and threw in some freebies too. Here’s what was added so far to the numerous tiers:

  • Two stickers & one sticker set: free for all physical tiers
  • Free bookmark: all physical tiers
  • Free upgrades on Tarot deck components: any tier or add-on that includes the standalone Tarot deck
  • Free upgrades on board game components: any tier or add-on that includes the board game
  • Altar Cloth: free for Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Wands & King of Pentacles, can be purchased as add-on otherwise
  • One additional free print for all tiers and add-ons containing prints
  • Free gold foil and hardcover upgrade for the art book: any tier including the art book + the add-on
  • Free accordion fold print with Dioscorian scenery: all physical tiers

Is it complicated? Maybe. Is it a lot of free stuff? Definitely!

When we are not trying to handle the flood of messages that is coming down on us in every second, we are actually quite busy working on more surprises. One of them is the secretive figurine of the Empress card, which is included in our limited pledge King of Pentacles. We are working with the very talented artist Bakanoe for that. Have a look at where she is taking this.

This is just a preview, the final version will be 3D printed and handpainted as advertised. What a delight this figurine will be.. if you want purchase such a luxury bundle of course – We certainly hope that some of you do! For those who choose a less exuberant trajectory, we have a myriad of other cool items that will bring a moment of joy (or two) into your lifes. This lovely sticker set for example:

Now, we would love to chat more with you and share even more things, but time is so short these days and we have to make a lot of cards before the year is over. Maybe pass by our social media accounts by the end of the week, we are revealing a brand new Major Arcana. Or pass by our campaign page, if you haven’t backed it yet. We appreciate all the support given to us, especially by those of you who took a more active role in communication across all channels and helped us spread the word!

Stay safe and connected!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot