Stellar beings!

Now the moment has come. Yes, the actual start of the fierce marathon known as Sefirot’s Kickstarter campaign. We are live and the doors are open for you. Come on in, stroll through the halls and inspect the goods!

Those of you, lucky enough to read these lines right after launch, be reminded that we have juicy discounts in the first 12 hours of the campaign. We’ll be offering both game and standalone Tarot deck with a launch discount, so act swiftly. Or take your time, whatever works for you.

First glimpse of the modelling process of our figurine by  Bakanoe !

We have a great many things that will only be available in the campaign, especially the more precious and limited items. Some of you might want to snatch some pins, pick limited and signed prints, or even treat yourself to the King of Pentacles pledge that comes with a hand painted figurine of our popular Empress card. Whatever it is, we hope to have something for everyone, be their budget big or small. Don’t forget, you can also chose a modest pledge and get more goods later, since we’ll be using a pledge manager that allows late orders.

At this moment, we might be frantically tending to the campaign, but don’t hesitate to get in touch. This is after all also a social occasion and we want to hear your thoughts, concerns, questions and remarks should they come up.

Stay safe and connected!

Georg, Card Master for Sefirot